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Vaping is Nicotine began with a grant from the State of Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Tobacco Section

About RVPI:
Regional Vaping Prevention Initiative

Youth Vaping EPIDEMIC

In 2018, U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams issued an advisory call to action. Surgeon General Adams called on parents and teachers to educate themselves and local authorities to use strategies and restrictions to discourage vaping by young people.  

  • 1 in 5 High School students reported using e-cigarettes in the last month

  • More HS students use e-cigarettes more than regular cigarettes

  • The use of e-cigarettes is higher among HS students than adults

  • Rates of use continue to climb and  exceed national data

Our Initiative

Karen Bergbower & Associates (KBA) received funding from Community Mental Health Partnership of Southeast Michigan to provide the following evidence-based prevention strategies: 

  • Educational Presentations

  • Youth Engagement

  • Strategic Planning 

  • CATCH My Breath 

  • Vaping is Nicotine Media Campaign

  • Technical Assistance

  • Policy Change

  • Trainings and Resources  

These strategies will address the identified contributing factors of easy access, norms that support use, perceived peer pressure, and low perception of harm.                  


We are looking for community partners and hope you will join us. We are able to meet with you individually or in small groups to discuss how we can work together to prevent and reduce youth vaping. We can also present to your group, organization, or coalition.


About RVPI
VIN History

The History


Early in 2018, Alison Cox and Sandra Parker partnered with Livingston County Catholic Charities to collaborate on an anti-vaping grant offered by the Tobacco Section of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. The goals of the grant included, advocating for anti-vaping ordinances, encouraging schools to adopt “vape-free” campuses, and  providing education on the dangers of youth vaping. A resource manual was developed and distributed to schools and community partners to educate youth and their parents on the dangers of vaping. Youth actively participated in the creation of a media campaign. The media campaign, Vaping is Nicotine, included billboards, posters, and community presentations. Danielle joined the Regional Vaping Initiative in 2021 and the team began partnering with Community Mental Health Partnership of Southeast Michigan to continue their important work, bringing awareness to the vaping epidemic. 



Alison Cox


Alison Cox is a Licensed Clinical Social worker and a Licensed Community Prevention Specialist. Alison completed her undergraduate degree at Eastern Michigan University and her Masters in Social Work at the University of Michigan. In her therapeutic role, Alison sees clients of all ages but specializes in children and adolescents. Alison also works as the Designated Youth Tobacco Use Representative (DYTUR) for the region. The DYTUR provides vendor education to tobacco retailers, follow that up with compliance checks, and provides tobacco education/presentations to schools and community groups. With the new vaping epidemic the presentations have become more focused on vaping than traditional tobacco. Alison is excited to bring the “Vaping is Nicotine” program to the community!


Sandra Parker


Sandra Parker is a Prevention Specialist for Karen Bergbower & Associates. She graduated with her Masters in Social Work from Michigan State University in 2013. She has an extensive background working in substance use disorders, including prevention and recovery education. Working with youth, adolescents and students, has always been her passion. As a Prevention Specialist, Sandra provides a variety of resources, including leading educational support groups and curriculum-based support groups,. As the Youth-Led Prevention Coordinator, she has the pleasure of facilitating and working alongside our youth on activities and events throughout the community. Considering vaping is the ‘hot topic’ in prevention right now, Sandra is excited about collaborating within the community and surrounding region on the Regional Vaping Prevention Initiative.


Danielle Skorupski

Danielle Skorupski is the Designated Youth Tobacco Representative (DYTUR) for the region alongside Alison Cox. Together they provide vendor education to tobacco retailers, complete vendor compliance checks, and work with community partners to provide tobacco/vape education to youth and community members. She received her Bachelor's of Science in Psychology from Central Michigan University in 2014.  Providing mentorship and leadership opportunities to youth has always been a passion of hersgrateful for the opportunity to work with youth and local coalitions to facilitate activities and community events that help keep youth tobacco/vape free. Danielle is very excited about educating and working alongside the community on collaborative efforts to slow the youth vaping epidemic.

Campaign Materials

available campaign materials


Vaping Handbook

88 Pages

Click link to download >>



Posters are available

with/without county logos



We would like to thank the following coalitions for joining us on this campaign:

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